Un viaggio in Sardegna! Emma & Rowan’s trip


Two elements immediately struck us as we were whisked up to the reception at Baglioni Resort Sardinia: firstly, the incredible peace..the gentle swaying trees, evening bird song, soft murmur of the cicadas; and secondly the far-reaching views – to the east the wetland lagoon and out across the sweeping bay, to the west the outline of rugged mountains with the deep pink backdrop of the setting sun; and either side, countryside.   

This natural theme continues throughout the resort with the rooms all housed in low-rise villas, even the main reception blends into the landscape with its ‘green’ roof dotted with wild flowers. 

We were soon to find out that the resort is by no means isolated – just 10 minutes in a golf buggy took us to the small Marina Puntaldia with a few restaurants, bars and cafes; within 40mins you can be in the heart of glitz and glamour of the Costa Smeralda.


There are local vineyards to experience (we can confirm Sardinian wine is delicious!), hills to trek, vertiginous roads to cycle; our highlight however was a fabulous boat trip – we glided through unbelievably azure waters around uninhabited islands, one home to the only blue lizard population in the world; we swam in clear calm bays and marvelled at the amazing island rock formations, dramatic coastline and the underwater marine life. It was incredible and an essential part of any trip to the Baglioni Resort Sardinia!

I won’t go on about the incredible seafood we ate or the freshly prepared pasta, but it goes without saying that you are spoilt for choice by the wonderful Italian food at the hotel.

Arrivaderci Sardegna, we can’t wait to return!