Our Going Greener Strategy

hosmarkhotels is on a mission to make a positive impact on the environment, working together with our hotel partners worldwide.We believe in bringing sustainability to the forefront of our business.

We understand the importance of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and recognise our responsibility as a business and an industry to protect our planet and its people. There are certain things beyond our control, but, we believe that small initiatives can add up and make a significant difference.

We have made it simple for events professionals and leisure clients, to view on our website, the efforts our hotel partners are already making towards a greener future. We feature a Going Greener questionnaire that has been developed by a specialist sustainability consultancy which tracks a number of key metrics and provides clear information about our hotels’ commitment to operating sustainably. The hotels that have participated can be found in the  Going Greener Hotels  section on our website.

We take pride in being the only hotel representation company to achieve ECOsmart accreditation from Greengage Solutions. They specialises in providing sustainability solutions for the hospitality and travel industry, encouraging businesses to adopt a greener approach that can lead to both environmental success and commercial prosperity.

“Even though we work in an industry that by definition is not the greenest,  the entire hosmarkhotels team feel strongly that we personally can make a difference by taking a range of steps both professionally and in our private lives to improve the health of our planet."

Helping hands…

Since Hosmarkhotels opened for business in 2001, the team has all worked from home offices, set up many years before the changes to working practices introduced during the Covid years.  We minimise paper usage,  the production of collateral and only use recycled materials that are sustainably sourced for any of our events. 

We support British bees by using Beebombs, as client gifts. We send honey from Surrey Bees to our clients that confirm events with us & also make a donation to Meeting Needs.

Find out more about our bee initiative here