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Corporate Social Responsibility

hosmarkhotels, as a leading and responsible hotel representation company, is committed to a continual improvement in its approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  1. hosmarkhotels encourages best practice standards within the team to meet, or surpass, the requirements of current environmental legislation.
  2. hosmarkhotels chose to structure its team to work from home offices to maximise the efficient use of resources and minimise waste generation.
  3. hosmarkhotels conducts its operations in a manner that is committed to conservation and the prevention of pollution.
  4. hosmarkhotels believes in developing procurement procedures that encompass social, ethical and environmental criteria to achieve best overall value.
  5. hosmarkhotels encourages its suppliers, partners, contractors and customers to adopt sound environmental and sustainable management practices wherever possible.

Current hosmarkhotels initiatives include:

  • hosmarkhotels have a virtual office set up rather than a central office space; therefore, the company does not use up additional natural resources in running the business.
  • With all team members working from home, we reduce the amount of vehicles commuting on the roads; thus reducing CO² emissions.
  • All hosmarkhotels team members restrict their use of electricity and fossil fuels by only heating their home offices and not the whole building.
  • Efficient planning of appointments ensures that public transport can be used wherever possible in order to reduce CO² emissions and private vehicles are only used when necessary.
  • All members of the hosmarkhotels team actively seek to reduce the amount of waste entering their homes/office and are committed to the recycling of cardboard, white paper, printer cartridges, glass, plastic, aluminium cans plus food and garden waste.
  • All paper used for hosmarkhotels business is either from recycled sources or from paper manufacturers that source from sustainable forests.
  • hosmarkhotels maximise the use of on-line tools to support the team thus limiting the amount of paper used.
  • All hosmarkhotels sales collateral is produced in electronic format to minimise the use of paper and print.
  • All members of the hosmarkhotels team dispose of toxic waste within current legal requirements and local authority guide lines.

hosmarkhotels’ CSR Policy is directed at management level and is reviewed regularly by the team.