help the bees help us…


As part of our Going Greener Strategy, we’re buzzing about bees and their importance to the environment. Have a look and you’ll be fascinated too how these little creatures can make such a difference and how we need to protect them. United Nations World Bee Day. Many of our hotels and resorts have introduced fantastic sustainability plans, embracing solar energy; coastline preservation; improved recycling and yes, built their own beehives.

Our new website allows you to quickly access all you need to know about each hotels’ environmental policies and how they are committed to an environmental approach post covid that we can all be proud of – Our Going Greener Approach. At hosmarkhotels, we are doing all we possibly can to work and think in an environmentally sustainable way, that is what our new Going Greener philosophy is all about.

We are always looking for new ideas to recognise the trust and support from our valued clients. Now we will reward you with Beebombs and even, adopt a beehive for you, when large events are confirmed Adopt A Beehive Scheme !

We hope it’s not too long before we can be able to meet face to face again. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact me or the groups team to help with any of your event enquiries. We are here to help you.

Roger Plumpton